Basketball Shot Miss

A short clip of animation from the short story I'm working on. I created the textures, models, rigging, lighting and animation for this scene. Created with Photoshop, MotionBuilder, Maya, Illustrator, and After Effects.

Basketball Chase Animation

Another clip from my animated short story, of the referee chasing the basketball after a missed shot. Completely hand animated by myself. Character animation done in MotionBuilder, Composited into scene in Maya. Texture maps completed in Photoshop.

Basketball Catch Animation

A clip of animation from my short story. Body motion was motion capture of myself brought through MotionBuilder and then brought into Maya. Then secondary animation was hand animated, such as: basketball movement, facial expressions, eye movement, and eye blinking. I designed the character, and I modeled the scene.

Build and Operation of Screen Press

An animation showing the construction and operation of a home built screen press. Models built in Maya, to scale of actual objects, with textures developed in Photoshop from scratch and from scans. Commissioned by a silk screen business, to show in a instructional video on how to construct a home screen press, and on general operation of the press. 

Animated Commercial

Animated commercial of fictional product. I designed the models and the concept. Modeled and animated in Maya. Fictional product cleans bathtub/shower area by itself.  

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