Toy Camaro 360 view

360 spin of model built in Maya, showing most updated version.

Animated Logo

Motion Graphics

Spinning logo for website. Outlines in Illustrator, with model being built, lit and animated in Maya.

Toy Muscle Car Model

3D Model - Car

Original Camaro model built in Maya using software. Modeled after a small toy car.

Various Characters 
Various CG Characters

A trio of modeled characters created in Maya with textures done in Photoshop. Monster is a low poly count game character. The basketball characters were created for a short story.

Toy Car Model
CG Car Model

Version of the Toy Camaro model, that I modified to my own design, ie: Different exhaust pipes, lowered stance, custom design wheels, red color, and cowl induction hood.

Basketball Arena Model

CG Basketball Arena Model

Basketball Arena scene created in Maya for a short story. All UV texture maps build in Photoshop.

3D Alien Character  

CG 3D Alien Character

Alien character created for a business website. Modeled in Maya with texture done in Photoshop.

Toaster Model 

CG Toaster Model

Okay, this is not the most complicated, or coolest model, but it is the first model I ever built using Maya software. I was going for an old style toaster design.

WMLA Logo Design  

WMLA Logo Design

WM Logo Design 

WM Logo Design
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